How to Enter

Step 1: Get an idea! Recording the Living Wildlife Aware Ad

The Cicada Awards are short films (or animation) with an environmental theme relevant to South-East Queensland . . . and there are plenty of issues to choose from.  You can learn about these  from the media, environmental education centres, school projects, or by contacting organisations working to deal with these issues. Some of SEQ’s environment groups can be found on this interactive map and the boundaries of SEQ are on this  SEQ Boundary map.


Step 2: Read the rules! And the criteria!

The Judging Panel give points for certain reasons which add up to determine winning entries.  Be sure to know the Criteria they are judging your film on . . . read the Film & Judging Criteria.  And, rules apply . . . like how long your short film can be, what your film can be about, and who can be an entrant. Entry Forms and Terms & Conditions for 2019 will be uploaded soon.


Step 3: Write your script, film and edit!Kindilan Workshop (12)

VidPicPro produced a short film to help you film and edit your short film.  Click on this Filming & Editing Tutorial Video to learn more about it.  We’ll also have regular updates on Facebook so check it out here 


Step 4: Submit it!

The film must be in a particular format, received by a certain date, and we need to know who made it! So be sure to fill out and include with your film the necessary Form.  Details on format and submitting entries for 2019 will be uploaded soon.

Step 5: Watch it!

Attend the Premiere Screening & Awards Night when films are screened and prizes awarded.  To be held Friday 7th June at a venue yet to be determined.